Which is the best smart drug for me?

So my buddy Jay, ordered a taster pack of smart drugs from overseas and jumped straight  in. We’ll talk about his experiences in a later post. But I’ve decided to take a more cautious approach. So I visited over a dozen websites, some scientific, some pseudoscientific, some anecdotal and aggregated their top 10 recommendations for smart drugs. Then I averaged it out to create my own top four.

I’ve also decided to adopt a name, for me and you. We are now officially nootronauts! Like astronauts, but we’re exploring nootropics, not space!

So without further ado, I give you…

Dave’s Top Four Smart Drugs for nootronauts (cue big band and cheesy graphic).

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What’s all this talk about smart drugs then?

Are you good with names? I’m not. But what can you do? Once you’ve got diet, sleep, meditation and exercise under control and you still can’t remember where you left your keys, what’s left?

It turns out quite a lot. Smart drugs have been in the news a lot lately. So what are they? Smart drugs include foods, vitamins, herbs and pharmaceuticals that improve mental abilities like memory, creativity, mood and concentration. Some people call them nootropics which from the Greek root means ‘mind (noo) and turning (tropic)’. And they seem to work.

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